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The Gluten Intolerance Group is a 47-year-old non-profit on a mission to make life easier for everyone living gluten-free. We are committed to improving the lives of everyone who must live gluten-free through:

– Outreach and support services 
– GFCO and GFFS food safety programs 
– GIG Cares food assistance program


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Updated: February 2022

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GIG Cares is a new, action-oriented organization driving grass-roots efforts aimed at tackling the biggest challenges 
facing the gluten-free community: food insecurity. Learn more. 


Oat shortages are disrupting gluten-free oat supply. Read more here. 

Join us to help spread awareness about celiac disease using the resources and sharables we created just for you.  

We’re working on articles and other educational content and would love to hear (and possibly share) YOUR story. If you are interested in potentially being quoted, highlighted, or mentioned in our content, share your story with us!



GIG has 90 support groups throughout the country. If you are a subject matter expert and would like to be considered to speak at a virtual educational event, contact GIG today at gig.marketing@gluten.org.

Generation GF Camps & Scholarships 
Enrollment is open for gluten-free summer camps for kids. Find out more. 


Spring Virtual Event – Coming Soon 
Check back for more details!

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Fun facts about GFCO and more...

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GFCO Facts:

GFCO is the global leader in gluten-free certification (yes, GFCO certifies 60,000 products from over 50 countries!) 

GFCO is the only certification owned and operated by a non-profit support organization (this matters, consumer safety comes first). 

GFCO uses scientific expertise to analyze EVERY ingredient in EVERY product before it can be certified (thousands of ingredients are reviewed every week).  

GFCO has the strictest safety standards of any gluten-free certifier. Manufacturers must meet 80 requirements to proactively prevent gluten contamination before it can occur, then required testing ensures the product is safely gluten-free. 

The GFCO Standard is 10ppm of gluten or less for every ingredient in every product that is certified. 


Gluten-Free Stats:

23% of consumers are shopping for gluten-free products in the US. 

2 out of 3 gluten-free shoppers look for the GFCO mark over a gluten-free claim or reading the ingredient label. 

8 out of 10 gluten-free consumers would like all gluten-free products to have the GFCO-certification mark on their packaging. 


Gluten-Free Resources

Content for influencers to share with their communities, including articles, pdf’s, magazines, videos, infographics & educational bulletins.

The Gluten Intolerance Group is a non-profit organization that’s been dedicated to making life easier for everyone living gluten-free for 47 years. With support groups, youth mentoring, food certification, food establishment validation, and more, find their resources here: https://gluten.org/



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