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GIG has local support groups across the globe, offering in-person and online support for all stages of your gluten-free life. Support group members can receive help getting started, shopping tips, recipes, and the best local restaurants to dine safely. Find one near you today and get connected with other likeminded individuals!

Don't see a support group near you and want to start one in your area?  Click the link below.

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Generation GF of Coachella Valley

Email Us

Jennifer James
(760) 702-7929

Jay Fishman
(310) 383-6429

GIG of Greater Oakland

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Jordan Clark
(408) 613-0957

Sydney Clark
(909) 509-2195

Generation GF Charlotte

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Kate Hansen, Group Leader
(720) 690-9608

Matt Hansen, Co-Leader

GIG of Greater Newnan

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Michele O'Connell

GIG of Lowcountry

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Julian Johnson

Julia Johnson

Generation GF Johnson County

Email Us

Kati Bernard, Group Leader
(816) 694-6869

Jennifer Burns, Co-Leader
(706) 593-4033

Greater Orange County

Email Us

Rob Massopust
(714) 574-2605

Treasurer: Kristy Massopust

GIG of Riverside

Email Us

Ashleigh Bullard, Branch Leader
(619) 453-9822

GIG of Greater Boston

Email Us

Adriana Healy, Branch Manager
(781) 354-0317

Karla Ortha, Co-Leader
(857) 212-6282

Generation GF Western NY

Email Us

Jason Mendler, Branch Manager
(614) 216-6475

Barbara Mendler, Treasurer
(585) 451-1073