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Did you know that GIG certifies over 60,000 gluten-free products?

GIG is working hard to keep your gluten-free food safe. Our GFCO program sets the standard for the gluten-free food industry and its certification mark is the symbol of trust for the gluten-free community.

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From breads and pastas, to pet foods and cosmetics, find out which products are certified gluten-free by our GFCO program.


Looking for restaurants certified by our GFFS?

Discover restaurants and food service locations that have been validated by our GFFS program. These restaurants meet the highest standards and are a gluten-free safe spot.


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The Gluten Intolerance Group’s (GIG) Mission is to empower the gluten-free community through consumer support, advocacy, and education.

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From educating the community through our local support groups, to leading food safety certification, find out how GIG helps gluten-free consumers worldwide.

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