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Stay on top of the latest news and trends in the gluten-free world and become part of the largest "boots on the ground" organization focused on everyone living a gluten-free lifestyle. The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) offers a free membership which will provide you access to news about gluten-free developments, updates on our food safety and outreach programs, and incentives from our certified product companies.

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  • Access to our e-magazine, Celebrate Gluten-Free, filled with tips, research, recipes and so much more
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  • Exclusive coupons and incentives from your favorite gluten-free brands
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Start your child's journey in becoming a future leader of the gluten-free community by joining us as a member of Generation GF. Generation GF is GIG’s program for kids, teens, and young adults where you can meet new friends, become a part of a larger gluten-free community, and have your voice heard.

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GIG is proud to serve the gluten-free community by supporting its members in their local communities, providing education and resources worldwide, researching the safety of our food sources, advocating on your behalf to the food industry, and certifying both restaurants and tens of thousands of packaged products to ensure the food you eat is safely gluten-free. Your donation today will keep our efforts strong.

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