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Maintaining a gluten-free diet in a “gluten-filled” society can be tough, especially for kids.  When you’re a teacher of children who require a gluten-free diet, you can help ensure a school experience that supports their health and well-being. 

While these kids’ parents or guardians have likely been in touch with you regarding their needs, here you’ll find more information and resources to help you facilitate and promote a safe gluten-free school experience.

If helpful, let parents and families know about GIG’s programs and resources just for kids: Generation GF

 Children frequently share food. It is important that the classroom teacher be aware of food sharing when it involves the child who must avoid gluten. 

Maintaining a gluten-free diet in a “gluten-filled” society can be difficult. The family and your student with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity will certainly appreciate all of your support.

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