Want to make difference in the gluten-free community? Your donation to the Gluten Intolerance Group will power our programs in a meaningful way. Your dollars work to make this happen:

GIG and Generation GF reach over 2,000 individuals through 90+ groups that meet in local communities throughout the US. These groups provide in-person support and encouragement, which are invaluable resources to the gluten-free community.

GIG provides helpful tips and scientifically accurate information our growing community of over 20,000 members, 50,000 social media followers, and 80,000 monthly website visitors.

Our school nurse initiative reaches hundreds of school nurses across the country to raise awareness of possible symptoms and to increase their understanding of the needs of gluten-free children.

Our Generation GF program coordinates and hosts gluten-free weeks at camps every summer, and even awards scholarships to make a gluten-free camp experience possible for those in need.

Generation GF’s GF Teen Summit connects dozens of teens at a fun event designed to build confidence, teach self-advocacy, and provide them with information they need to live a healthy and happy gluten-free life.

Generation GF’s Mentorship Program gives teens volunteer and leadership experience, connecting them with kids who may find living gluten-free to be a challenge, making a difference in both of their lives.


GIG’s research team studies gluten-related food topics and provides guidance to the food industry on best practices to ensure the safety of gluten-free consumers.

GIG’s Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) program works with manufacturers in 47 different countries to ensure the gluten-free status of over 60,000 products. With the strictest standards in the food industry, the GFCO certification mark is the symbol of trust for the gluten-free community.

To improve the quality of life for those living gluten-free, GIG’s GFFS program makes it possible to dine out. GFFS establishes best practices and trains hundreds of food service establishments – from restaurants to hospitals, colleges to senior living facilities – in order to provide safe gluten-free food.

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