the old GFCO mark and the New GFCO Certification Mark



The mark that says,


‘It’s really gluten-free!’




So many ‘GF’ seals. So little clarity.

“But is it REALLY gluten-free?”

You have probably asked yourself that question many times while standing in a store aisle. How do you know if the gluten-free claim on a product’s packaging actually means that product has been rigorously tested and verified as gluten-free?

Can you count on all those ‘GF’ seals and symbols to tell you, without a doubt, that they are designating a safe, gluten-free product? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No.”

Not all ‘GF’ symbols mean the same thing even though many of them look the same or similar. Confusing, right?


That’s why we’ve had a makeover!

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GCFO) rebranded the official gluten-free certification seal for products you see on grocery and retail store shelves because we not only want to stand out, but we want to stand for something.

Our certified gluten-free ‘GF’ seal stands for a rigorous testing and verification process that gives you the confidence in knowing that a brand’s products with our seal is safe, and that they’ve put in the extra effort to ensure your safety. When a brand is GFCO certified, it means that the ingredients have been inspected, the manufacturing facility has been trained, the production line is tested regularly, and the product contains less than 10ppm gluten – way less than the FDA’s standard of 20ppm. When it comes to certifying a product as gluten-free, we mean business!



Here’s what you can look out for in 2021 as your favorite brands switch to the new GFCO certification mark:


the New GFCO Certification Mark Sets Us Apart, and now our Logo does, too.

the old GFCO certification mark and the new GFCO Certification Mark




GFCO has certified over 60,000 products gluten-free, to date and continue to test and approve more every month. Gluten Intolerance Group is committed to helping everyone living gluten-free. That is something you can count on!