Summer Vacation Roadstop Smarts

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with Find Me Gluten-Free, Published January 16, 2020


Ahh, the open road… Traveling to new cities and road tripping across the map is an exciting way to see untapped parts of the country (both at your destination and along the way), and experience a vacation like no other. One challenge? When you’re gluten-free, the road may still be your oyster, but you still need to check if that oyster is gluten-free (figuratively of course). We’ve rounded up some tips to stay fueled on the road on a gluten-free diet.


1.  Pack & Prepare

Spoiler Alert: This is probably our most helpful tip of the bunch. When you bring your own food, you are in control and know exactly what you are eating. This takes the guesswork out of it all, which is not only helpful, but can prevent a “glutening” from derailing your trip and leading to lots of unplanned rest stops.


2. Do Your Research

Before venturing out, open up an old fashioned map (okay…or the one on your phone), and look up some gluten-free restaurants along the way. Check out their menu, read reviews, and don’t be afraid to call and ask about their gluten-free options yourself. You don’t want to be left in a situation that you are too hangry to find a safe place to eat, or worse, take a risk and eat somewhere unsafe. Your best bet is using the Find Me Gluten-Free app—it’ll give you a list of restaurants in the area along with detailed information and reviews (including how “celiac-friendly” establishments are), right on your smartphone!


3. Scope Out Stores

It is possible that depending on your route, your only option may be convenience stores, but it may help to add one more category to your research: grocery stores. When on vacation, many people forget about the fact that virtually every town has a local grocer, and this opens up your options significantly, and definitely helps your wallet out too. What could be easier than that? Well, users on Find Me Gluten-Free also list grocery stores that have gluten-free sections. Score!


4. Convene To Your Convenience Shop

Don’t fret if convenience stores are your only option—they’ve come a long way! Look for options like string cheese, fruit, vegetable trays, chips, jerky, and more – and be sure to check their ingredients when possible or look for our GFCO symbol just to be safe.