Gluten Intolerance Group Announces 2022 Generation GF Kids’ Summer Camps

GIG now Accepting Applications for Camp Scholarships   

AUBURN, Wash. (January 25, 2022)—The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support to people who have adopted a gluten-free diet, has announced its 2022 Generation GF summer camp dates and locations and is now accepting applications for camp scholarships. Funded by contributions from GIG’s Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) food certification program, the scholarships allow children and teens to enjoy a fun-filled summer of social and outdoor activities in a safe, healthy environment. This is especially important for kids with gluten intolerance because they often fear dining out at cafeterias; they can trust that the food served at these camps is truly gluten-free. For those with celiac disease, even a trace amount of gluten can cause illness.

Designed specifically for young people, Generation GF provides participants with educational resources, a magazine subscription and membership in local support groups where kids can meet their gluten-free peers. The program also offers a mentorship project that pairs children with older youth who provide social support as mentees learn how to live gluten-free.

The 2022 summer camps are being held in four locations across the country. GIG will be hosting camps at the following two locations:


  • Camp Sealth, Vashon, Washington, July 6-9
  • Camp Kanata, Wake Forest, North Carolina, July 24-30

Additionally, GIG’s Gluten-Free Food Service (GFFS) has validated the following camps as Gluten Free Safe Spots, where it is safe to eat all season long:


  • Great Gluten Escape at Gilmont, Gilmer, Texas
  • Camp NJY, Milford, Pennsylvania

In 2021, GIG awarded $10,000 in scholarships so that children, teens and their families could participate in Generation GF’s summer programs.

“For Generation GF camp participants, the memories formed during summer programming can last a lifetime,” said Cynthia Kupper, CEO of GIG. “We love running summer camps where children who face the challenge of living with celiac disease or other gluten intolerant conditions can feel right at home and don’t have to worry about getting sick from gluten-contaminated foods. They also build connections with peers like them and, of course, have a fun time. We look forward to welcoming them back again in 2022!”

For more information on Generation GF camps or how to donate to Generation GF, visit:

To apply for scholarships for Summer 2022, click here:

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