Gluten-Free Summer Camps


Remember to sign up early for kids’ camps! Join Generation GF for a special week at Camp Kanata 7/25 and Camp Sealth 8/9 or pick any date at Camp NJY and Great Gluten Escape at Gilmont, both GFFS Validated Safe Spots. Each of these GIG-endorsed camps are planning extra measures to keep kids safe this summer.... including reducing the number of kids attending. [Please note most camps may be filled for 2021.] 

GIG awarded $10,000 in scholarships in 2021 thanks to contributions from our #GFCOCertified program. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, make sure you’re on our email list to be notified when our scholarship application process opens up again November 2021 for the Summer of 2022. You can find the camp scholarship application here. 

Generation GF Camps

GIG Gluten-Free Week at Camp Sealth – (WA) Aug 9-14 –

GIG Gluten-Free Week at Camp Kanata – (NC) July 25-31 — This camp offers GF options all season long –

Additional Gluten-Free Camps

NJY Camps – (PA) Validated Gluten Free Safe Spot –

June 29 - Aug 19

Great Gluten Escape at Gilmont Summer Camps – (TX) Validated Gluten Free Safe Spot –

July 18-24, 2021