7 Salty, Savory, Sweet Gluten-Free Appetizers 

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Published January 22, 2021

What goes hand-in-hand with The Big Game – or any celebratory event for that matterAppetizers!  

If you’re living gluten-free, no need to miss out on sweet, salty, or savory snacks while watching the big gameenjoying your favorite show on the small screen, or engaging in casual or fancy festivities. Even if you’re having a tiny gathering exclusively for your immediate household, these finger foods are free of gluten and full of flavor for everyone to enjoy. 

Break out these snack recipes, and let the fun begin!




For salty options, we’ve chosen Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels from GFJules and gluten-free Parmesan Crackers by Gluten-Free on a Shoestring. 

Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels

Did you know the “secret” to the perfect soft pretzel is giving the pretzel dough a “baking soda bath” to enhance that distinct flavor? This snack recipe reveals all! Serve warm with a variety of specialty mustardfor tangy gluten-free dipping.  

Parmesan Crackers

Salty and crunchy go together in this crisp snack that you can cut into small or large shapes. The snappy taste of the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese can be savored on its own or as home-made crackers like a chip for dipping (see our surprising dip suggestions below). 



Savory can include salty but with a more complex taste profile that can incorporate spicy, pungent, or meaty (but not sweet.) Check out these savory snack ideas from the Minimalist Baker and What Great Grandma Ate. 

Gluten-Free Falafel 

While you could take the fast and easy route with a bowl of homemade hummus and fresh cut veggies on the side, why not go all out with these flavorful gluten-free and vegan falafelfrom The Minimalist BakerAs a bonus, the addition of chickpeas makes this recipe high in protein. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip 

If you’re seeking a taste sensation, look no further than this rich dip from the What Great Grandma Ate blog. In addition to being gluten-free, this particular snack recipe is also dairy-free and considered suitable for Whole 30, Keto, and Paleo diets. You can adjust the heat level of the dip based on the hot sauce you use. 



The perfect counterpoint to your salty and spicy appetizers is something sweet. Keep things interesting by varying up the textures of your sweet snacks. We suggest something crunchy from the Food Network, something creamy from Iowa Girl Eats, and something gooey from Veggies Don’t Bite. 

Peanut Brittle 

Peanuts are naturally gluten-free, and the simplicity of peanut brittle recipes (sugar, corn syrup, butter, baking soda) makes this old-fashioned treat safe to eat. While you can use unsalted peanuts if you prefer, using salted ones gives this brittle’s flavor a little something extra. 

Warm Fig Dip 

Figs are not only sweet but also naturally gluten-free. In this snack recipe, goat cheese adds to the creamy texture. With the Prosciutto, this recipe could also qualify as savory. Serve it up warm to enhance all the flavors. 

Caramel Apple Nachos 

Riffing off of the more typical nachos dish, this version substitutes tortilla chips with apple slices (naturally gluten-free) and tops them with caramel, nuts, chocolate chips, and shaved coconut. Check out their cool tip for keeping those apple slices looking fresh longer. 

If you are serving a dish to share with others, and not everything in the spread is gluten-freeset aside a portion for yourself before laying it out for everyone else. In a casual setting, people without food sensitivities might dip glutencontaining items into an otherwise safe dip or mix up serving utensils. 

Whether you’re gathering together, or planning parties in the future, we hope these tasty appetizers will wow your friends, family, and taste buds alike! 


Our COVID Disclaimer: As with any gathering, we suggest that you keep it small and limited to your immediate household. See the CDC’s guidance on gatherings. Even if you’re a party of one, it can still be a party with a little creativity in the kitchen! 


7 salty savory and sweet gluten-free appetizers

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