Generation GF Magazine – Fall 2021 Issue

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Gluten Dragon Drawing Submission Instructions 

You can send a digital version of the drawing by attaching it to an email and sending it to

Or you can mail a paper copy to us at: 

Generation GF  
c/o Gluten Intolerance Group 
31214 124th AVE SE 
Auburn, WA 98092 

Parents: Please note that you and your child will retain ownership of intellectual property (the drawing). By submitting an original drawing to Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) and Generation GF, you are giving both entities the non-exclusive right to reprint the drawing, in perpetuity, in the Generation GF magazine, on the website hosting Generation GF content, in other promotional and non-commercial printed or digital materials, or posted to Generation GF social networks including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This right can be transferred to any nonprofit entity publishing or hosting Generation GF content. By submitting a drawing, you are confirming that the drawing is an original piece of art produced by your child. Submitting artwork does not guarantee that GIG or Generation GF will reproduce or publish it.