The Tale of the Gluten Dragon

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In honor of Fairy Tale Day 2021, we’ve crafted a simple fairy tale to help children diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities to learn how they can live healthy and strong. The story is for all children – and parents, too – to better understand how having issues with gluten affects people and how to be supportive to anyone who cannot eat gluten. This story is written in the spirit of our mission: to make life easier for anyone living gluten-free. 



Once upon a time, there was a Gluten Dragon that roamed the kingdom, breathing Gluten Fire into the bellies of children. 

Some children felt queasy, some had tummy aches, some even threw up. Not every child got sick from The Gluten Dragon, but some got sick a lot. 

After one particularly scary morning, when The Gluten Dragon seemed particularly fierce, the parents gathered in the kingdom’s courtyard. They sat around a giant stone table, looking for answers. 

One child’s grandmother stood at the table and spoke. She held in her hands an ancient book. She spoke about her own fears of The Gluten Dragon and how she learned to tame it when she was a child.

“This book holds the secrets to taming The Gluten Dragon,” she said to all. “With this wisdom, The Gluten Dragon can roam peacefully within the kingdom and you will not have to fear the Fire in your children’s bellies ever again. 

Everyone gathered closer to hear the words she spoke: 

“First, if your child gets sick from The Gluten Dragon, you must never again feed them food with wheat, barley, or rye,” said the grandmother. “These are the favorite grains of The Gluten Dragon and they attract the Dragon’s Fire to the bellies of some of our children.” 

“Next, you must check to see what is in the foods they eat. Teach your children how to identify wheat, barley, and rye, and encourage them to always ask what’s in their food. Sometimes, the Fire can hide in other foods, too. Everyone must know they may not have wheat, barley, or rye. That will keep The Gluten Dragon from breathing Fire 

“Finally, teach them to look for the Magic Symbols that mark foods safe to eat. And have them recite the Magic Words wherever they go – at the market, at the dinner table, or anywhere else where they might eat foods prepared by others.” 

Everyone in the kingdom was eager to hear the Magic Words. There was silence in the courtyard as everyone listened closely. 

“The Magic Words are: 

No Wheat, No Barley, No Rye 

Gluten Fire Be Gone, Good Bye! 

These words of wisdom will protect our children, like a suit of armor, keeping the Fire from The Gluten Dragon away. They will keep our children safe and healthy.” 

The parents brought the wise words back to their homes, teaching their children how to tame The Gluten Dragon and the Fire 

They practiced chanting the Magic Words, looking for Magic Symbols, and identifying and staying away from wheat, barley, and rye. Soon, the children began feeling better and getting stronger.  

The parents were no longer afraid of seeing The Gluten Dragon, because they kept a close eye on the skies, looking out for any new hiding places The Gluten Dragon might be found. 

One afternoon, the children were playing when they saw The Gluten Dragon coming closer. Suddenly, The Gluten Dragon swooped down from the skies, breathing Dragon Fire. Together, they joined hands and began chanting the Magic Words: 

No Wheat, No Barley, No Rye 

Gluten Fire Be Gone, Good Bye! 

Suddenly, the children began to glow. Right before everyone’s eyes, beautiful silver and gold armor appeared, covering the children’s bodies.

Together, the children of the kingdom strengthened their armor and protected themselves from the Dragon Fire 

Finally, there was peace and happiness throughout the kingdom, and all children were healthy and strong.  

And on rare occasions, when The Gluten Dragon appeared, the children had no fear. They put on their armor, looked for the Magic Symbols, spoke the Magic Words, and all was well in the kingdom.  

The End. 

The Tale of the Gluten Dragon