GFCO Sponsors the Generation GF Teen Summit in July

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Gluten-Free Certification Organization, or GFCO, is a major sponsor of the Generation GF 2021 Teen Summit taking place at the Hilton Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida on July 14-17, 2021. The Teen Summit couldn’t happen without the generous support of GFCO, the leader in gluten-free product certification.  

Events like the Generation GF Teen Summit – and support groups like Generation GF – bring kids together for learning, fun, and enjoying GFCO-certified products. When a brand invests in getting their products certified by GFCO to ensure their products are safely gluten-free, they are also helping to support our gluten-free communities. 

The GFCO certification mark stands for the independent verification of quality and integrity, and products that carry the mark represent unmatched reliability for meeting the strictest of gluten-free standards. 


Look for Third-Party Certified Gluten-Free

At GIG, we believe that an educated consumer is powerful. When living gluten-free, you are better able to make safer food choices for you and your loved ones when you can quickly, easily, and confidently identify the foods that are safe to eat.  

We always recommend that you look for a third-party, gluten-free certification mark on food product labels as added reassurance that the product is safely gluten-free. Check out our article “3 Tips for Gluten-Free Label Reading.” 

Shopping Safely Gluten-Free

Buying packaged foods and figuring out whether or not it is gluten-free can be confusing. For example, some products have a “may contain wheat” statement that might be misinterpreted as a sign that something is not gluten-free – but that is not always the case. Learn more about that in our article: Do All Wheat Mentions on Food Labels Mean Not Gluten-Free? 

Not all third-party certification programs are created equal. We can only vouch for the safety of GFCO-certified products.   

Every product with a GFCO gluten-free certification mark has met 80 requirements before they qualify for our certification. Not every product that applies qualifies or earns our certification mark. 


Educating Parents and Teens About Buying Gluten-Free

At the Teen Summit this July, teens and their parents will learn more about GFCO, food safety, shopping for gluten-free products, and the importance of third parties reviewing and certifying the gluten-free status of the food products at the grocery store.  

You can search the GFCO product directory to find GFCO-certified items. Ask your local grocer or retailer to carry GFCO-certified gluten-free products that meet higher gluten-free standards. Brands with gluten-free products can learn more about getting certified on the GFCO website to gain greater consumer trust that their products are safely gluten-free. 

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