Generation GF Magazine – Jan/Feb 2022 Issue

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Craft Supplies that do contain gluten

  1. Crayola’s Consumer Craft Safety Guide:
  2. Play-Doh Ingredient List:


Host a Virtual Cooking Show 

Does your child want to be the host of their very own virtual cooking show? If so, here is what they’ll need behind-the-scenes: 

  1. A laptop or computer 
  2. A built-in camera or web cam 
  3. A clean, well-lit “set” which could be your kitchen or dining room 
  4. A bright lamp for extra light 

Next, help them prepare or “prep” their set, cooking ingredients, and notes: 

  1. Get a few potatoes baked and cooled (always have an extra when filming). 
  2. Help them decide what toppings they’ll use. Prepare them in separate dishes or bowls. 
  3. Set everything up in an area of a room with bright lighting. Use a bright lamp nearby if you need extra light. 
  4. Help them write down or rehearse a few things they’d like to say during their cooking show. They can also practice what to say in front of a mirror. 


How to Set Up Zoom 

Go to Set up a free Zoom account under your name and with your email address. Once you’re set up, here are the next steps: 

  1. Email or text the Zoom Meeting link or invitation to anyone your child would like to invite. 
  2. Set up the computer and once you log into the Meeting, you will be able to make last minute adjustments to how your child appears on screen, making sure there is enough light. 
  3. Adjust the camera so that your child is visible either with or without a view of the counter or table surface in front of them. They should practice lifting items in front of them and holding them toward the camera to make sure the items in their hands are visible. 
  4. When the show is ready to begin, REMEMBER to click Record so you have a recording! 

Note that Zoom allows a 40-minute meeting on the free account. After the show is over, click END/Leave Meeting. 

Zoom will convert the recording and you can access the files under Recordings from your Zoom account.