Gluten-Free Cooking: Beans 10 Ways

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Updated January 8, 2021

When minimizing shopping outings, non-perishable foods are playing a bigger role in our gluten-free diets. High on the list of non-perishables that offer great nutrition and versatility are BEANS! Whether you cook up your own from dried, or prefer to use canned, here are some ideas. We’re including a few recipes. Use these as starting points and ideas, and tailor to your likes and to what you have in your kitchen.

Ways to Cook Beans

1. Classic

Delicious and classic, rice and beans like this one.

2. Vegetable Soup

Add to vegetable soup and voila, you have a meal. Red, pinto, black or white beans work great.

Use your own favorite vegetable soup recipe or start with canned.

3. Re-fried Beans

Never made your own re-fried beans? You may have more time at home now, so this is a great time to try it out!

4. Pasta

Pasta with beans. White beans are especially delicious with pasta: they get nice and creamy.

This recipe gives you the basic idea.

5. Chili

Chili with beans. Pull the ground beef out of your freezer and make some good old “Cincinnati Chili.”

6. Baked Beans

Traditional baked beans. Nice and comforting.

7. Bean Soup

Check out this Senate Bean Soup.

8. Tacos & Burritos

Tacos and burritos. Corn tortillas or other gluten-free tortillas or wraps.

Add scrambled eggs for breakfast or brunch. Use pintos or black beans, whole or refried.

9. Hummus

Hummus! Making your own is simple and delicious. Canned garbanzos work great.

10. Bean Dip

Other beans, like black, work great for dip too. Make your own bean dip.




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