The #I ❤️ GlutenFree Instagram Challenge

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Published November 1, 2020

Did you know November is National Gluten-Free Awareness Month? #NationalGFMonth 

Being gluten-free is more than a diet – it’s a lifestyle.  


Living with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is a journey and a lifestyleWith the right information, and strong support network, going gluten-free can be easy. 

GIG is here to make life easier for anyone living gluten-free, from the newly diagnosed to the self-educated to the experts, leaders, mentors and influencers who are role models for the rest of us. 

YOU can be an inspiration and role model to someone else just learning about living a gluten-free life – and we want to showcase what folks like you are doing and loving about being gluten-free. How will we do it? 

Join the Challenge! 


For the entire month of November, we’re asking everyone who is living gluten-free to share what you love about it. Sure, it isn’t all butterflies and roses to adapt to a new way of eating, particularly when it comes after a diagnosis of a gluten-related disorder, but it is possible to have a rich, wonderful life without gluten, right? 

Let us know the best parts about being gluten-free – for you or someone you know – by taking part in GIG’s #I ❤️GlutenFree Instagram Challenge

How can you participate? 

  1. DOWNLOAD one of our “#I ❤️ GlutenFree because _______” signs, fill in the blank, and make it your own. 
  2. TAKE A SELFIE with your sign, and post it to Instagram.* 
  3. TAG US @glutendotorg and use the #I ❤️ GlutenFree hashtag so we can see what you post. (The emoji tag only works on Instagram so use #IHeartGlutenFree if you’re reposting on other platforms) 

It’s that simple! 

Remember to tag us on Instagram so we can see your post. We’ll share some of the #I ❤️ GlutenFree sign selfies we find to our Instagram Stories to showcase the diverse faces of people living gluten-free.  

* Using an Android phone or is your selfie is flipped and the words are backwards? You can flip it horizontally in a photo editing program or ask someone to take the photo for you then upload it to your Instagram account.