Freeze Your Food! Plus other Tips & Tricks to Make Your Food Last

Maybe you’ve heard stories of your grandparents and great-grandparents using up every part of food, leaving no waste behind. You may think you operate on the same level in your kitchen, but these tips for using every last bit may surprise you! Learn how to maximize your food and make things last longer with these tips.

* Now more than ever, wash produce thoroughly before using.

Perishable foods are what really need our focus: vegetables, fruits, meats/fish/poultry, and dairy products. Shelf-stable items like beans, gluten-free grains, and nuts have much longer  (though not indefinite) shelf lives.

Both quality and safety are considerations when determining how long foods can be kept. We’re all trying to stretch things out these days, but keep in mind there is a limit on how long perishable foods will stay safe in the refrigerator, so either consume or freeze if not using within that time frame.

Here’s a link to a comprehensive website where you can find out how long things last in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. Fourteen categories cover everything from baby food to seafood to deli & prepared foods.



Making the most of things before freezing

General tips:—the-basics



General tips:











Meats (ground beef, chicken breasts, pork chops, bacon, etc.)


Fruits & Vegetables