Trail Mix

If the idea of weighing and measuring recipe ingredients sounds, well, just a little too precise for you, but you like the idea of creating something delicious to eat, making your own trail mix may be just the thing!

Trail mix is generally defined as a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, and yes, originally it was developed as a food for munching on while hiking (on trails)! Sometimes chocolate pieces are added in too, and you might find pumpkin or sunflower seeds, or granola, tossed in as well. Some of the things that make trail mix so good for hikers make it just generally good for anyone on the go: it’s lightweight, portable, doesn’t smush in a backpack, is nutritious, and provides quick energy. And, it’s delicious!

Making your own. There are no baking flops to worry about and there is no right or wrong. Just choose your own favorite nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and/or granola (plus some chocolate chips if you like) in the proportions you like! If you’re a fan of sweet + salty combos, include some salted nuts or seeds. Heading outdoors with your stash this summer? May want to hold off on the chocolate or you might end up with a messy melted (but still delicious!) glob.

Tips for choosing ingredients. Lots of these ingredients are available in bulk food sections at your store, but you want to avoid getting them that way. Since there are usually gluten-containing items in nearby bins, the stuff you want may get cross-contaminated if a scoop gets traded, or when things are re-filled. If you like granola in your trail mix, make sure it’s made with certified gluten-free oats. Otherwise, oats can be cross-contaminated, since they are often grown and processed close to wheat or barley.



Now that you have your own one-of-a-kind trail mix, here are some fun ways to use it (in case you have any left!):

On top of yogurt for breakfast or a snack
Mixed with honey (or desired sweetener) and pressed/cut into bars
On top of ice cream or frozen yogurt