School Letters

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One of the hardest things as a parent or caregiver of a child with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity is keeping them safe when they are eating outside of your home. Most of the time, you are probably with them at restaurants or food service locations to help them make the right choices and ensure the staff understands their dietary needs.  

There are situations, such as school meals, classroom parties, and school field trips where you cannot be there to help monitor what they eat. 

To help you navigate school-related environments where food may be served, we’ve developed a School Letter template to help you explain your child’s restrictions to their teacher or responsible adult present with them at school. 

These letters provide an explanation about foods that need to be avoided and about the importance of avoiding cross-contact with gluten.  

You can download a Word version of each document to customize as needed or a PDF version where you can fill in the blanks with your child’s name.  

Note that in the PDF version, you should circle either celiac disease or gluten sensitivity in the first paragraph to more accurately explain your child’s condition. On the Word document, you can delete anything that does not apply and add in anything else that’s needed. 

The letters included here are: 

School letter to teacher and administrators – ElementaryWORD Version | PDF Version 

School letter to teacher and administrators – Middle and High SchoolWORD Version | PDF Version 

School letter for nurseWORD Version | PDF Version 

School Field TripWORD Version | PDF Version 

Remember: You can customize these letters to fit your child’s particular situation.