What are some of the most important questions to ask the wait staff or management of a food service or restaurant?

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Here are some things to ask when eating out: 

  1. May I see a gluten-free menu or allergen list?  
  2. Is there a dedicated fryer for gluten-free foods? 
  3. Are these sauces certified gluten-free? If made in-house, do they know if they contain gluten? Worcestershire-type sauces and soy sauce could contain gluten. 
  4. Does this contain flour or roux? Roux is flour and fat cooked together to thicken soups. The flour used is often wheat flour. 
  5. Are your marinades and seasonings gluten-free? What is in your marinades and what seasonings are used in this dish? 
  6. Is the grill used to cook gluten-free foods separate or shared with gluten foods? If shared, how is it cleaned and how often? 
  7. Can my meal be cooked in a separate pan from gluten foods? 
  8. Can I have my egg soft-boiled? Soft-boiled eggs remain in their shell which limits the chance of cross-contact in a pan. 

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