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Year End Appeals

Dear GIG Supporter,

My name is Lee Davis, and I am the Gluten Intolerance Group’s new fundraising coordinator. It is my pleasure to reach out to you on behalf of GIG, as I have now seen firsthand the dedication, effort, and passion that everyone at the organization puts into empowering the gluten-free community.

Did you know GIG has been around for over 45 years? For context, think about the hairstyles and music on the radio 45 years ago – a lot has changed, both in the world and the organization, but one thing remains the same: GIG’s commitment to support, advocacy, and education. GIG has been championing for the gluten-free community from the individual level, with programs like support groups and kids camps, to the industrial level, with the most trusted food safety programs.

2019 has been another year of success and growth for the programs of GIG, and we extend our gratitude to you, the supporters of the Gluten Intolerance Group. Through individual and sponsor donations, GIG has been able to do things that will have a domino effect for years to come: You helped kids attend gluten-free summer camps, where they enjoyed a life of gluten-freedom and happiness with their friends, without any worries about their diets. We launched our School Nurse Outreach Project, which distributed resources about gluten-related disorders to over 300 school nurses across the country, in an effort to increase diagnosis and provide support from those in charge of kids’ health all school year long. We built upon our strong relationships with large food service providers to expand the number of gluten-free options in colleges, hospitals, and stadiums. Expansion is essential to provide the biggest possible network of support to the gluten-free community. Just how far did we expand? A couple months ago, we certified our first restaurant in Japan! Talk about reach.

This year, we’re embracing change. We decided to use our Giving Tuesday not as a request to donors, but as a way to show appreciation and give back for all that you’ve done to keep us strong for the good of the community. We gave 50 GIG reward bags to the first 50 new GIG members who register on the website. Now as we approach the end of 2019, we are asking for your continued support in pursuing new opportunities that will empower our community entering a new decade. Your contributions this year will grant us the ability to do additional food safety research and continue the growth of our food service programs. We want to continue our outreach to kids and their families by providing more scholarships for gluten-free camps and bring in the best doctors, dietitians, and chefs to speak at our Gluten-Free Teen Summit this June. Most of all, it is our goal to continue providing every service we can toward creating the most comfortable and safe gluten-free lifestyle imaginable.

To help us achieve these goals, Donate Now. Without you, the caring and giving gluten-free community, GIG wouldn’t be the organization that we are today. You motivate us to provide the best services, programs, and resources that support your gluten-free lifestyle. Yobasiu inspire us to create new initiatives and opportunities to better the lives of all gluten-free individuals. You drive our success and the success of the entire community. On behalf of our organization, I thank you for your past support, your continued influence, and in advance for your contribution to GIG.


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