Here’s a quick quiz to help get you to the content you need.


What is your main experience with celiac disease or NCGS? 

A. Recently diagnosed 

B. Eating and cooking gluten-free 

C. Living a gluten-free life  

D. Taking care of a gluten-free child 


What is one thing you’ve been struggling with? 

A. Figuring out how to stay safely gluten-free 

B. Getting fresh ideas for eating gluten-free 

C. Eliminating gluten from my home 

D. Keeping my child (or children) safely gluten-free 


What’s a priority for you right now? 

A. Adapting to my new gluten-free life 

B. Feeling good about living gluten-free 

C. Not getting “glutened” from unexpected places 

D. Keeping up with my child’s gluten-free needs 


I’d like to know more about… 

A. Getting the support I need as I transition to living gluten-free 

B. New gluten-free foods I can try or prepare 

C. Information beyond just the basics of living gluten-free 

D. Getting my child’s gluten-free needs met at school