I am very strict about eating gluten-free at home and work, but I still feel like I am getting gluten in my system. What can I do?

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If you use a shared kitchen or eating space at home, work, or school, you could inadvertently be ingesting gluten. Remember, even a crumb of gluten-containing bread can be enough to cause problems for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.  

Consider washing table tops with soap and water or putting a barrier (e.g., paper towel) between food container and the table top to avoid picking up hard-to-see crumbs. Check out 7 Tips for Avoiding Cross-Contact at Home. 

Also, don’t forget that exchanging kisses with someone who eats gluten may require advanced teeth brushing on their part to get rid of gluten particlesSee our article 7 Things to Know About Kissing Gluten-Free.

Finally, washing hands with soap and water before preparing and eating any food can help prevent cross-contact to stay gluten-free and healthy.