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GIG has local support groups across the globe, offering in-person and online support for all stages of your gluten-free life. Support group members can receive help getting started, shopping tips, recipes, and the best local restaurants to dine safely. Find one near you today and get connected with other likeminded individuals!

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GIG of Chicago

Email Us

Deirdre (Dee) Lee, Branch Leader
(708) 724-7926

Lori Welstead, Branch Co-Leader
(708) 724-7926

GIG of Tampa Bay

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Hannah Al-Raee, Branch Leader
(727) 644-5584

GIG of South Florida

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Natalie Castro, Branch Leader
(305) 812-0025

GIG of Shoreline East

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Lorraine King , Branch Leader
(860) 334-4790

GIG of Greater Denver

Email Us

Jana Porta, Branch Leader
(303) 217-1259

GIG of Sonoma County

Email Us

Justin Hoffman, Branch Leader
(707) 292-8882

GIG of Southern Arizona

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Gene (Leo Eugene) Spesard, Branch Leader
(520) 795-0281

Toni Saccani, Co-Leader
(520) 603-4739

GIG of East Valley

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Joanne Harp, Secretary
(602) 821-7325

Geoff Davis, Branch Leader
(602) 469-7154

GIG of Central Arkansas

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Craig Cooney, Treasurer
(501) 960-0900

Julianne Bitely, Co-Leader
(870) 718-3538

GIG of Anchorage

Email Us

Alison Smith, Branch Leader
(907) 346-1405