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GIG has local support groups across the globe, offering in-person and online support for all stages of your gluten-free life. Support group members can receive help getting started, shopping tips, recipes, and learn about the best local restaurants to dine safely. Find one near you today and get connected with other like-minded individuals!

Don't see a support group near you and want to start one in your area?  Click the link below.

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GIG of Cumberland Franklin

Email Us

Albert Heefner, Branch Leader
(717) 504-5737

GIG of Portland

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Lisa Shaver, Branch Leader
(503) 577-9339

GIG of McMinnville

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Susan Chambers, Branch Leader
(503) 472-7286

GIG of Northeast Ohio

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Judith Mazur, Branch Leader
(440) 892-0270

Mariann Offtermatt, Treasurer
(440) 892-0270

Anne Jolly, Branch Secretary
(440) 892-0270

GIG of Long Island

Email Us

Marlisa Brown, Branch Leader
(516) 957-2885

Frances Watins, Co-Leader
(631) 543-3299

Steve Rochester, Secretary
(631) 242-8034

GIG of Hudson Valley

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Theresa McArtin, Branch Leader
(914) 438-4545

GIG of East End

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Maria Faller, Branch Leader
(631) 680-6624

Dawn Siglain ND, LAc., Co-Leader
(631) 680-6624

GIG of Staten Island

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Samantha Telle, Branch Leader
(718) 979-3303 ext. 226

Robert Cohen, Co-Leader
(718) 698-4908

Linda Pellicano, Treasurer/Secretary
(718) 987-3093

GIG of Delaware Valley

Email Us

Pauline Capece, Branch Leader
(609) 471-1624

Jennifer Williams, Co-Leader
(856) 264-6784

Jim (James) Jochims, Secretary
(610) 999-9774

Heston Ronald, Treasurer
(609) 859-2432

GIG of Fargo/Moorhead

Email Us

Rebecca Augustine, Branch Leader
(701) 660-0278

Stacia Erdmann, Treasurer
(218) 443-4955