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GIG has local support groups across the globe, offering in-person and online support for all stages of your gluten-free life. Support group members can receive help getting started, shopping tips, recipes, and the best local restaurants to dine safely. Find one near you today and get connected with other likeminded individuals!

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Generation GF Bucks County

Email Us

Mackenzie Willbanks, Group Leader
(267) 449-6195

Generation GF Portland

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Tracy Lehto, Group Leader

Generation GF Ohio State Buckeyes

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Emily Kienzler, Group Leaders
(513) 907-0560

Generation GF Columbus

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Melissa Boye, Group Leader
(609) 367-2482

Generation GF NC Triad

Email Us

Valerie Williams, Group Leader
(336) 457-0726

Generation GF Morris County

Email Us

Katie Link, Group Leader
(402) 304-6187

Generation GF Northern New Jersey

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Allyson Mathews, Group Leader
(201) 342-1417

Generation GF Chicago

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Kathy Burke, Group Leader
(630) 432-3615

Angela Zubrzycki, Group Leader
(630) 432-3615

Susan Bailey, Group Leader
(847) 797-5242

Generation GF Atlanta

Email Us

Adele Ledet, Group Leader
(404) 710-0095

Generation GF Jacksonville

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Austyn & Suzette Reagan, Group Leaders
(904) 891-4472