Hot Topics: CBD Oil & Oat Milk

Use of CBD oil for treating celiac symptoms
To GIG’s knowledge, no published research exists on the use of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil for treatment of celiac disease symptoms. We cannot comment on the legitimacy or efficacy of CBD-based products, however we do have input relating to the reasons a person with celiac disease may be looking into these products: symptom treatment. If symptoms continue to be experienced when on a completely gluten-free diet (including avoidance of cross-contamination), the recommendation is to consult with your doctor. If your doctor is a proponent of using these types of products, we recommend ensuring that the products you use are gluten-free.

Oat milk and the gluten-free diet
For individuals who need to be gluten-free, oat milk needs to be assessed the same way whole oats are. Oats are inherently gluten-free, but there is a significant risk of cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains during growing and/or processing. Therefore, oats should not be consumed unless they are certified gluten-free. Likewise, oat-based products such as oat milk should only be consumed if they are made from certified gluten-free oats. When shopping for oat milk, read package information and/or check with manufacturers regarding gluten-free status. Although uncontaminated oats in moderate quantities are tolerated by most people with celiac disease, it is advised that you consult with your physician or dietitian before including oats – or, by extension, oat milk – in your gluten-free diet.